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Term paper is records of many intelligent readings from various sources on specific subjects.  Many quality term papers develop from formulated questions. In every learning institution, students must prepare a term paper. Some students enjoy writing term papers while others feel the task of preparing term papers is cumbersome. As writing of a term paper is a necessity in any learning institution, there are many online writing companies that have come up to help students in preparation of academic term papers. However, it is very important that students make sure that they research and prepare the term papers in person; this is because they can use the term paper to rate how far they understand the content of the topics they are covering. Many students have recently been so reluctant in carrying out research of their topics and they turn to help and buy term papers online so that they can get good grades. As much as students rely on term papers prepared by some online companies, they should make sure that they are conversant with the courses that they are studying. Some online services may sell poor quality papers to their buyers; this may lead to students getting low grades after buying the papers so expensively. Instructors should make sure that they encourage their students to prepare student term papers individually. The instructors should work with their students and make sure that they understand the topics they learn before preparing their final term papers. On the other hand, students should not fully rely on buying academic term papers, as this may not be a genuine way of rating and knowing whether learning has been effective to the students.

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