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The guidelines presented by the Turabian manual of style are, in general, the same as the ones offered by the Chicago manual, but still they are slightly altered in order to make them more suitable for students. It will be of help with Turabian term paper to understand that the Turabian style may be said to be split up into two substyles. The first of them is bibliography style, usually used in such disciplines as history, the arts and literature. It uses the end- or footnotes and bibliography list. The second is more succinct reference list style, which makes use of parenthetical in-text citations, mentioning only the author’s surname and publication date. The main bulk of information is contained in the reference list at the end of the paper. So, the best tips for Turabian term paper will be to show the examples of all four types of entries:

  • Note: James Smith, Turabian Style (Washington: American Press, 2000), 70.
  • Bibliography: Smith, James. Turabian Style. Washington: American Press, 2000.
  • Parenthetic citation: (Smith 2000, 70)
  • Reference list: Smith, James. 2000. Turabian Style. Washington: American Press.

We suppose that this short and concise enumeration will provide you some help with Turabian term paper. We, of course, understand that it doesn’t cover a lot of special cases and details, but still it can give you an outlook of what you have to deal with. You may always find additional Turabian term paper help if you peruse other materials presented at our website. For the most detailed information, however, it may be a good idea to consult the Turabian manual of style itself, for there are a lot of peculiarities in what concerns electronic sources, periodical publications, foreign language sources and so on and so forth.

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